William Eggleston has an excellent perception of angles and fits some excellent content into his images making them desirable. Eggleston uses angles to make his images exciting where they would usually be common or everyday scenes, this is what i find most powerful about Eggleston’s work.

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He was renowned for his colour photography, which at the time was widely under used and considered in correct and tended not to feature in galleries of this time. However Eggleston changed the way people perceived colour photography and it soon became widely accepted. I have thoroughly researched a range of Egglestons work and found he used Kodachrome photography to make his images ‘pop’ i love how he puts it into practice and will take it into my own work. Eggleston has a certain perspective on photography and that is that everything can be photographed. This is very evident in his work, how he manages to show the simplest and most boring of objects and by using a certain angle and colour presets manages to bring the image to reality.