Severin was born in 1966, lives and works in Hannover/Germany, He started taking digital photography in Paris and London in 2006. His images are mainly black and white or have dull unsaturated colours and combines that with acute angles which is what i want to focus on for this project. Since 2010 he photographed almost exclusively in digital street photography, Severin’s imagery is made powerful by his use of angles by taking a regular scene and taking the image from a different perspective Severin has a defined art. Bleached colours make for a different perspective, this can show sadness, however the image in the top right shows a happy face made using graffiti, this gives an uneven narrative allowing the viewer some discretion.

Severin really takes into consideration the composition within a photo, by not always have the main subject in the centre of the shot adds an individual viewing experience, this is what i will take and carry into my own work for the project Square Mile.