Horn’s images are easily relatable to my square mile as there is plenty of water and this adds a little diversity to the subjects that i can shoot. Water is an interesting subject as the results are similar however so different. These images have meaning and mood within, looking deeper into the photos can reveal the tension. Its easy to capture emotions within water imagery as water has to flow through a select course and through man made objects and natural object all causing different patterns. Roni Horn uses colours within the photos, this creates an exiting mood and a different viewing perspective. I will take Horns use of colouring and giving a different preset to try and age my photos. Some of Horns additional work show water in low light, and during the ‘golden hour’ this gives an excellent perception and colour which you rarely see.

The portfolio ‘Some Thames’ of Roni Horn completed in 2000 shows a variety of colours and even though the subjects are all familiar they are all different and this is something i admire.