Angelica Dass came from a mixed family where colour was never important. through out her life she has expressed her thoughts and pain through photography. At the age of 11 she began to questioned her race. Her new project “Humanae” means “to highlight our true colours”. She took images of 3,000 people from 19 countries, with different religion, gender, heights, age, weights, colour and opinions, Angelica was able to create a basic, yet striking and meaningful project. She had her work displayed on buildings, build boards, undergrounds. This brought the communities together which was Angelica’s aim, to kill discrimination. In my opinion, Angelica’s work has given me a wider and greater impact on caring less about beauty. How young teens are given an specific “image” on how to look and how to feel. Angelica Dass has tried to communicate on how you should love who you are and people for who they are to. This is targeting everyone all around the world and how everyone can be involved. The background on her images are the colour of the people’s skin. She’s used a white background drop originally, dragged the images into photoshop. Used the droplet tool (point sample) she used 16 point to change this (this means it detects the overall colour that is there). I thought this was extremely creative instead of using a white or black background. Even though my project is based on teens in royston, i will be focusing on different styles. This will bring the community together as it’s focusing on the new generation