I knew this image would make a great first image as it shows the beginning of a journey, the image shows a choice of two different directions. The sign is the main focus of the shot however i wanted an off-balance look, relating to composition which makes the image more viewer friendly, as it gives the viewer a choice on where to look. I decided to have the car dash in the shot as it relates to the road signs. Without the dash in the shot the image would have been very bland.



The edit of the shot began with darkening the dash where light had come through and caused and over exposure on the bottom right of the image. I selected the over exposed dash and used the Brightness/Contrast to equal out the dash. This was also required as i didn’t want to distract the viewer from the main object.
screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-16-27-35To complete the image i used the lens correction tool and matched the image to the specific lens that i was using. Then using the crop tool i streightend and croped the image.