This project for me was a very enjoyable, as choosing a location which it very close to me, i have been able to show everything need. I decided to display the project as a journey. Almost like a Sunday day out. I feel i have shown this in the best way possible. Due to the location i have been privileged enough to travel this route many times over. Although i wanted the car to be the star of the portfolio i felt it was very basic, the car is however very personal to me as it was the car which started my infinite passion for vehicles. With this project i have tried to step away from sketchbooks as i have plenty of high quality work which is hidden away from everyone to see. Therefore i have completely redesigned and tried to better understand how to use wordpress and now have a more of a website rather than a blog. This gives a more professional look and is up to date with other photographers. I found the best way to display this portfolio was using the slide show feature on wordpress. It brings to life the individual image in order throughout the day. Showing from start to finish. Using my photographic skills i planned the car to be shot from front to back. Having the images in order allow the audience to feel a part of the project, to give them a sense of direction and provide a simple but effective viewing experience. I have found that every image connects with one and another, this is aided by the timing of my shoot, using the light to my advantage i have been able to make the light fade as the story fades. Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 15.10.04.png

This is the general Camera Raw setting that i generally duplicated through out my final images. Trying to recreate the vibrant and high contrast colours which William Eggleston created in his images.