Below is examples of the different lighting techniques, these are my personal shots that I have produce to represent each technique. I will also include a description of how to produce each lighting technique.



Use a second D-lite strobe and Portalite softbox for this setup and position both lights(each set to the same power and the same angle) either side of the model at head height. Notice the lack of shadows.






Position a light to one side of the model in such a way that no light spills onto the other side of the face, With a shadow line running down the centre. Multiple light modifiers will work here.





Position one light above and directly in line with the centre of the subjects face. Notice how there is an even shadow under the nose. Its best if this shadow doesn’t reach all the way down the upper lip.



Position the light high and to the side to create a triangle on the models cheek. The shadow of the nose should towards the edge of the lips. The Portalite creates a soft effect.





This setup is similar to ‘Rembrandt’but rather than creating a close triangle of light on the unlit cheek, the shadow from the nose should create a loop pointing towards the corner of the mouth.