This is a tutorial for creating a simple page set up, it will include; document specifications, page numbers, general presences, fitting and creating new pages.


To open a new document, select file then new and finally select document. Below are my preferences for In Design, these will however vary due to the individual requirements and specifics regarding each design.

Pictured below is how to access the General preferences these can be changed to suit your individual style and can be matched to the techniques that are commonly used by you. I simply change the measurement units.

Below is a selection of images relating to page set up. To insert the page number select ‘insert special character’ the follow on to ‘Markers’ and insert ‘Current Page Number’. By inserting this on the master page it will automatically be inserted on all other pages.

The fitting tool is another key feature to InDesign it can be use to fit text or to fit an image to a frame.

Adding a new page is simple, by selecting the page icon in the bottom right next to the bin icon a new page should appear.