Magazine covers,

Magazine Titles are both in the prominent at the top of the magazine, using a large font and in bold. All the text is placed away from the image so not to distract the viewer from the powerful image, magazine text is prominent in both issues and follows the sides of the cover. Both magazines had similarities with text placement however the HYPEBEAST magazine sections off the image using blank spaces and text, personally I find this method not as effective.

Contents Page,

Both pages use a grid to introduce formality to the image, allowing order and function, using this method also allows for number to be placed down in order. The images are relatable to the contents within the magazine.

Double Page spread,

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Imagery is fundamental to any magazine, as shown here within this double page spread, both have a full page devoted to imagery. Typefaces are just as important, this helps to desipher between Headings and Subheadings. Starting the individual articles with a larger letter than the whilst using the same font is prominent in both magazines. The action of the model within the image related the the article for example the magazine on the right not only has Lana Del Ray as the model but as the article is discussing Lana Del Ray’s success the imagery used has Lana Del Ray looking smug. Both pages have  specific colour scheme, the magazine on the left shows Jay Z with red gel light, therefore using a red J as a background for the text only enhances the contrast.