Creating a poll allows viewers of your website to have a say on the content that appears, whilst also giving feedback on which imagery will sell the best. Creating a poll can be achieved using poll daddy, this makes the process simple and creates an easy layout for the viewer, as it can be off-putting if the process is to complicated.

Creating a poll using Polldaddy;

Using Polldaddy you have the option of adding a title for the poll, below this is the area where you input your answers, there is no limit to the amount of answers. You are able to add an image to the poll by selecting media and upload. The max file size allowed is anything under 5000 pixels which is more than substantial.

After adding the content you are then able to edit how the poll will appear, you are given a range of colours and also 3 different sizes dependant on what the application is.

Once you have selected all the requirements you are able to copy the link supplied and paste it into your selected area.

The final outcome will appear like this;

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 11.44.26.png