The theme for my magazine will be NYC, there will be a collection of cityscapes and architecture photography.

Although very basic the above magazine shows contemporary style using a sans serif typeface and minimalist text therefore tying into  my magazine style. However the imagery used is very dark and creates a negative effect. The magazine layout is simple, using negative space to draw the viewer into the imagery.

This magazine has a more professional layout, using overlapping text and imagery creates a 3D effect and is often seen within professional magazines. I will be using this technique to produce my front cover. The colours used are bright and work in contrast with one another. This adds a design spec that attracts attention to the font however combining the imagery. The title and text is all in bold therefore providing an instant response.


Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 21.48.56.png

This front cover uses simplicity to focus on the imagery. Darken the edges of the image crates a base to overlay text and I think its very powerful.