My WONN 17 magazine went well overall. I used a range of skills which i have learnt by re-creating notorious published magazine covers for example GQ and HUNTER. After my research I had already figured out a front cover. Overlaying an image on top of text produces a 3D effect which is powerful. The Serif typeface was an appropriate choice due to the easy legibility when printed due to the spacing. However once reviewing the magazine I identified that the font choice was very standard, if i was to re-design I would add some sans serif text to take the wight off the text. This will also give a more interesting viewing experience as the expression can change with the text. Most of my imagery was made up of landscapes, this added a challenge due to the magazine orientation being portrait. To overcome this issue I cropped imagery and also used body text to fill the negative space. Overlaying the body text over the top of a coloured rectangle added depth and provided a more interesting view due to using the paint dropper tool and selecting colours from an image which was on the same page.

My aim was to show New York in the perspective of a tourist, therefore reflecting this in my imagery. I feel I achieved this aim and was able to create in-depth content within my magazine, showing examples of tourist places and New York history.

The magazine I produced had a very simple layout with both images and text separated, this look flat and undesirable. To give my magazine immediate effect I would redesign the page to integrate both text and imagery. Using text wrapping to curve text. Using a more complex grid system with defined margins and columns.