Shoot One

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 16.46.09

I choose this location to begin the project due to the expanse of land, I will not only be shooting here but looking for inspiration for forthcoming locations. To begin with I will be taking two mirrors and a camera, this is sounds like traveling light however the mirrors are extremely heavy and require 1 mirror to a person. A problem which i could encounter is how I will stand the mirror up in different locations, due to the mirror being so large it should not be a problem to hide my assistant behind it.

Shoot Two

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 16.47.18.png

This Shoot Will take place at the Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits. This location should provide me with a white background to allow the mirror to reflect the greenery behind making for excellent contrast and maximum focus on the subject (mirror). I will aim to arrive at the Pits at 12 Noon as this will mean the sun will be directly above. Golden hour will not be as effective in this location due to the hight of the chalk wall, I would be afraid that the Pit walls will block the light. There is limited parking on site so I will have to allow for some time to carry the probs and equipment to the site. Due to this restriction I will take only one mirror and carry only light equipment, camera and a couple of SD cards.

Shoot Three, Four and Five

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 16.34.43.png

The final two shoots will be based around the Marsh lane pit in Hemingford Grey. This location has mounds of gravel and trees which stick up from the water creating interesting reflections. I aim to shoot the lake in the evening around 6-9pm to make sure I capture the golden hour. For these shoots I will take my camera along with two SD cards, Tripod to enable a long exposure and waders for my assistant to enter the water. This shoot requires planning due to the size of the mirror and Lake.

Shoot 4 + 5

The reason for repeatedly coning back to this location is due to the scale of it. Every time I went i discovered another location when and had to keep coming back due to the light fading, luckily the location is fairly local to me (4 miles) this makes this not as big of a deal.

Health and Safety – Each location comes with specific risks, for example carrying the heavy and fragile mirrors in the car and out the car, I need to make sure they are securely fastened in the car and carry them below the waist to ensure if the glass breaks then it will fall on the floor and not on anyone. There are always risks when driving a car, to minimise this I decided to travel at off-peak times. With my first shoot there was the risk of the nearby golf course, to avoid the risk I made sure the golf course was empty before shooting nearby. The Cherry Hinton Chalk pits become incredibly slippery when wet this unfortunately was an issue when I went, to minimise this risk  stuck to the paths and steps put in place. Loose rocks where another hazard within the chalk pit, again the risk was minimised by sticking to the paths. For the final location I had to get an assistant to enter the water, there is the obvious risk of drowning and also the risk of getting stuck in loose sediment within the water, we used a prodding stick and marker to find the distance in which we could venture out.