This project was all to explore was to capture reflections within images, my caption I set to explore was ‘reflections are a distortion of reality’. To capture this the meaning I used props to bend what we see as reality and turn it factual.  I produced seven final images which where my representation of reflections within reality. Displaying an item which is usually associated with a more homely environment and placing it within a landscape to combine fact with fiction. The mirror which I chose had a lot to add to the interest of the final image. The mirror represent a window or door, this causes another image to be able to be place from the frame which acts as a border an is more accepted by the general audience.


The target audience for this work would be art enthusiasts which can relate and enjoy abstract and landscape images. Combining the two subjects together adds a wider range audience. I have used a minimalist stye to display my finals, using only bulldog clips to hold the images up allow the viewer to focus only on the image. The use of Kodak Metallic paper allowed for maximum saturation in print, it also gave the final images a super glossy outlook and an almost backlit effect due to the use of silver within the paper. Techniques which I have developed such as communication with an assistant (i have rarely used an assistant in previous shoots), I found it was best to take more than expected as when using the mirror it would often display unwanted subjects. Improvements which could be made to provide a better final would be the matter of subject within the image, as the mirror would often reflect nothing.

I was extremely pleased with how the final images where presented and the colours worked extremely well. However given the subject I would like to take it further using different mirrors and different landscape.