Level 3 Photography Student


Contemporary Photographers

Jon Hoeg

Jon Hoeg has been on tour with Australian rock band 5 Seconds of Summer and also documented New Politics touring venues. Hoeg is especially good at taking pre and post performance blended photos. Hoeg is renowned for his experimental use with double exposure photography, this is a photographical technique that combines multiple images into one. Double exposure photography can be used to great effect when trying to show movement within a still photograph, therefore working well within the music industry. Hoeg has also completed some studio based work, this is often no the first choice for contemporary photographers however the use of gels in front of a flash can create different tensions within a photo.



Thomas Falcone

One of the leading Photographers for bands All Time Low and Mayday Parade is Thomas Falcone. Producing not necessarily the obvious cover art but capturing emotions and adrenaline when the bands are performing live. Falcone is great at capturing the in-between moments when the musicians are catching their breath or alternatively in the middle of a guitar solo. This adds up to create a powerful and skilled photographer and also the reason why he is considered one of the top 50 greatest music photographers right now. He has been chosen to go on tour with Mayday Parade which is a privilege in its own. My evaluation is he’s a very tainted photographer who uses wide angle shots to get as close to the action as possible however also combines that with some traditional band shots and portrait work.

Casey McPerry

Casey McPerry is a contemporary photographer who has completed lots of commission work for Machine Gun Kelly, including album covers and music videos. McPerry also travelled as Machine Gun Kelly’s tour Photographer, therefore getting to know the rapper enabling a more personal touch to the photographs he has produced. Although only being 24 years of age Casey McPerry has had plenty of experience within the photography side of the music industry. My personal opinion is that being so young it has enabled McPerry to relate to the young musicians and making them more comfortable. This is key if you are to produce successful images which no one has seen. This is because you are able to reveal a more relaxed side of the artist that is uncommon due to all the stress which is a consequence of the fame.


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