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Designing Album Covers

Designing Album Covers



The original stock image is a portrait, this however is the incorrect size for an album cover, many Cd covers now are 4.724 cm square. I used the content fill tool to expand the image to the correct proportions. Then by selecting the dancer, I then duplicated the selection to form a double exposure to give the impression of movement.






Finally I am able to add the text and choose a font. I opted for a slimmer font to direct the audience’s focus at the image.


Designing Album Covers



Before meeting with our clients to produce the final outcome I produced some experimental album covers produced from stock images. screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-15-06-46





Just by selecting the background and adding a choice of colour brings a new perspective and adds depth to the image.screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-15-06-53album-art-3



The choice of font was based on the genre, the sans serif font adds simplicity and is easily read.





This is the final outcome, I was influenced by the Alternative genre primarily due to the layout of the stock image.

Designing Album Covers



Our brief was take a pre chosen image and turn it into an album cover using Photoshop/Lightroom. This outcome was influenced by reggie culture, i have tried to show this by using the colours mainly associated with this genre of music. This outcome has also been influenced by the motion and pose of the models.





To begin the edit I selected both of the models and removed the background and placed them on a separate layer. I gave the image depth by making one model smaller than the other.




I chose this image to be the background as it had a different texture to add to the image, adding this background will also add depth to the image.







This image will add the colour, adding to the genre, whilst adding an interesting effect. I will have this image on a separate layer and set the transparency to 50%.

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