Level 3 Photography Student


Famous Photographers

Antony Balsko

A newcomer onto the music photographer list is Antony Balsko, he has often worked for major corporations such as Nike, Powerade and Jordan Brand therefore having the photography experience. Balsko recently completed a shoot for J Cole and American rapper, producing an excellent example of an album cover. The soft toning and colours combine well and using the classic low angle which has been used many times in the past as it make the artist look bigger.


Ian Dickson

Ian Dickson was a popular choice for photography commission work, working with many rock and roll band and individuals such as The Jam, Rod Stuart and David Bowie. After taking a design course in the Newcastle Collage of Art he bought a second-hand camera and caught the photography buzz. He soon moved to London with Roxie Music, where he accomplished many of his most famous work. He has managed to capture different perspectives of the artists, wether at home or performing on stage.

Ed Caraeff

Ed Caraeff is a photographer who has worked in the music industry. He has photographed and designed hundreds of record album covers for many artists including, Elton John, Steely Dan and Dolly Parton. His photography has also appeared on the cover of four issues of Rolling Stone which is an American magazine that focuses on popular culture and is included in the permanent collection of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On of Caraeff’s  most iconic photographs is of Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey Pop Festival.


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