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square mile finals

Square Mile – Finals

This image shows the end of my journey, but again giving two options. Using time to my advantage i have managed to create the journey to coincide with the fading light and i think it has had a great effect on the story. The car lights in this image where offset which gives a sense of open space. The headlights also make the reflective coating on the signs shine bringing them forward from the background.


This was also a very simple edit as the exposure was generally good. However i did use Photoshop to lighten the sign and bring them forward even more. Then using the crop tool to straighten and cut out any unwanted space.


Square Mile – Finals

This is an image showing my local pub. Within this i age i have used the car dash once again to give a sence of reality and to push the story behind these images. The key to this image is the lighting, i have used the pubs own lights to illuminate the pub only. this gives a very fixed focal point. There are two different angles within this image which i do like, it again gives a sence of reality. Having the dash in the photo also brings in the depth of field making for a more interesting image.


To start the edit used Photo Raw to brighten only the parts where there was already light. This gave the photo a much better contrast. To finalize the process i cropped out a car on the left as it was distracting.

Square Mile – Finals

This image is of my local garage. I have always loved the look of this garage as it always seem behind the time. This shot was achieved using the natural light from the lamp using a longer exposure. There are many different subjects in this image allowing the audience to decide what they want to look at, this is helped by the flat angle and wide-angle lens.


Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 15.41.30.pngFor this image i used the lens correction mode on Photo Raw to eliminate the curved and distorted edges which a wide-angle lens and recreates the flatter more subtle profile.

Square Mile – Finals

I used the car to relate to this project as without the car door the final image would have been very different with a classic supermarket shot. Bringing the car into the shot also has the very important job of bringing depth of field as building can often be very flat in photographs. I used this time of day to give a sence of the journey coming to an end as the light fades.


To give the depth of field i needed to cut it out from another image, using the refine edge tool i can give the cut-out depth, as some layers can look very 2D. In the original the LIDL sign looked almost bleached and faded. I increased the contrast on the sign.

Square Mile – Finals

The original image was very dark therefor i increased the highlights in the image using the Camera Raw. This was the only adjustment i made as i like this image as there is a lot to observe, the left of the image shows movement and the curving tree line on the left combined with the looping road directs the audience to look forward. I also appreciate the rear view mirror on the car looking directly at the drivers face this shows his concentration, compared to just the back of his head.


Square Mile – Finals

I used a very low angle to show an image of a place that many people miss on cars simple due to the angle of which you have to get. In my opinion this image is has an even coverage of car and background. The lens i used was a 17-40mm F4 which produces a great amount of bokeh and makes this image more eye-catching. The shadow from the car makes the surface that little bit darker therefore contrasting well between the red and chrome.


To edit this image i used the crop tool to level the image out and reduce the amount of ‘unnecessary’ space. For the final edit i used the noise filter tool to add a small amount of noise just to age the image.

Square Mile – Finals

This is my favourite image from the shoot as the depth of field creates a shallow focus point however due to the nature of this image there is more than on focus point on this image. The colour of the car again works really well and stands out boldly from the darker back ground. Due to the darker sky the reflections on the car turned out extremely soft and give additional character to the image. I think having the model works well as he acts as a barrier against looking straight through the car therefore leaving too much open space. To improve this image i would take out the one reflection on the boot of the car as i think it would improve the composition as its very distracting at the moment.



Due to the nature of this image i only wanted to change the highlights and clarity to give the image more contrast and resemble an image of William Egglestons era.


Square Mile – Finals

In this image i have tried to follow the lines of the car, the shadows help to give bring in depth and personally i think it works really well. This image is especially good for the use of colours. the red contrasts with the green and grey well and stands out perfectly. If i was to re-shoot i would try the image with the door shut as i think it interrupts the natural flow of the car.


Firstly i used camera Raw to make the colours more vibrant, this was a simple adjustment of bringing sown the highlights and boosting saturation, this made the colours even mor contrasting. To give the image a slightly more aged look i used clarity and added a little noise making sure not to over do it.









Square Mile – Finals

WIlliam Eggleston was my inspiration for this shot, by showing a contemporary for of expression. Based on my research for Eggleston i have found a few images that show a relationship with humans and their machinery, whether it’s just a form of transport or an obsession. The Car is made to look small against the hedge row and i have tried to make it look like it has been randomly placed there in true Eggleston style.

img_9073screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-10-53-13The edit for this shot consisted of adding noise in Photoshop to try to give the image a dated look however i think i have overdone the noise in the darker areas. I have also used Photoshop to centre the image, this improves the composition.

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