Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.53.04

The last edit to make was to adjust the images to the size of the printing, as I am printing these images at A2 I inputted 42cm for the width and 29.7cm for the height.

Within the original of this image my assistants hand was overlapping the mirror making it off putting to the viewer. This was a simple job for the healing brush, however I made sure to look out for the ripples in the water as this would have given the image away.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 08.19.55

There was little to do to this image as the colours where excellent, however to really make the subject stand out I used the brush tool to de-saturise some of the plants surrounding the mirror.

The gravel in this image posed a problem as the saturation could only go so high without blowing the colours out. I used the contrast tool to fix this issue adding darkness to the specs of gravel. I use the brush tool to my advantage adding a bigger reflection to the mirror as in the original it was the same colour as the sky.

Unfortunately the sky was dull and grey, I brought some blue into the image but adjusting the temperature making it appear clearer. I tried to add some noise in this image, it inspired me as if it was an oil paint, this is not often my chosen style however the final result was effective.

Due to shooting in direct sunlight the RAW of this image was dark and patchy. Using the PhotoRAW to fix the exposure caused problems with the over exposure of the sky, this had to be adjusted using the highlights slide and selection tool. Eggleston was famous for having over saturated images, to match this I used the vibrance and saturation tool in Photo RAW.

Again the day I chose to shoot the Cherry Hinton Location I was very dull, making all the colours de-saturated. Recolouring the image in photoshop made for a more interesting image and brings out the greens and oranges within the chalk.

The RAW of this image was extremely dark, bringing out the exposure of the image as a whole caused the V shape shadow to blend in to the surroundings, I used the RAW brush to bring out that V shadow by selecting around the V and brightening the selected area, this made the image more powerful and made an excellent focal point. To finalise the image I used the straighten tool as I found the fence in the background was slightly off centre.

The Colours within this image where extremely flat due to the nature of chalk and the fact that it was a very dull day, however shooting in raw allows me to bring out select areas and boost the saturation within that area. For example I didn’t want the bright green plants below the mirror to distract from the subject, to eliminate this I used the Raw Brush to select the pants making sure to have a feathered edge to give a natural look. This then gives me full control over that selected area not affecting anything else.