I enjoyed the central focus with this image. Directing the viewer into the centre of the image is a technique often over looked due to the rule of thirds. The background to this image compliments the foreground well due to the colour contrast between the green and the blue.


This image was all about the location for me, finding a mysterious setting and using that to my advantage to boost the mystery of my subject adds questions for the audience to answer. Again the contrast between the background and foreground is powerful making for an exciting image.


I feel this image had to be included as it sums up my brief perfectly, the reflection within the mirror makes the image irregular. The object within the mirror is the central focus to the photo which is the effect I desired.


Although this image is slightly off track I to include it due to the layout, the image has a perfect centre line dividing up the sky and water. I used the saturation tool to boost the colour and make the image appear more contextual and fine art based. The reflections work  really well due to the slight ripples in the water adding to that fine art effect.


To create this image I had an assistant step out into the water to hold the frame still whilst I positioned myself to take the image. Previous images where taken  from the other side of the lake however I choose to relocate due to the sunset. Having the light setting in the background helped to boost contrast and will look excellent when printed on metallic paper.


The above image was shot at the Cherry Hinton quarry, this location adds unfamiliar colours that advance the quality of the image, the textures and colours that are within the rocks surface advances the image forcing the viewer to look closer.


This is the first final which sparked following images, I used the falling sun to create silhouettes in the background forcing the subject to be the centre of attention.

reflections 2

The use of horizontal layers adds to this images perspective and divides the image up allowing for easy viewing. The chalk background provides an interesting setting for the subject as it separates the two.