Example Logos



This logos masters the shape of a chameleon, making the logo instantly recognisable, this is key when designing a powerful logo.




Using text that resembles the shape of a pandas head
accomplishes the same result as the chameleon logo. Custom text is a great way to get peoples attention and achieves a powerful logo.




This USA network logo integrates the S using contrasting colours and a custom font. The custom graphic makes for a very distinct logo.




This logo works for the company, using the two O’s in the text as the wheels for the bike allow easy recognition as a bike company, something to focus on when designing a logo is first impressions, allowing the audience to instantly recognise the logo and identify the company.



On the left is another example of a logo which stands out to me as an obvious choice and a well thought out logo. Using the same concept as the previous logo it uses part of the design as the wheels to the bike. The sign for unlimited is easily recognisable within the logo and given the logo with no text, this would allow easy identification.



WILDCOAST has combined a paddle into one of the letters, this is not an obvious choice however works well and gives the impression that there are paddle sports involved.

Example Artist Biography;




Promotional Material


Volkswagen was looking to promote its Polo model as a strong and tough vehicle. So it had magnetic panels made that were printed with scratches and dents. The magnets were put on the cars of unsuspecting individuals along with the message, “Volkswagen Polo, small but strong.” The company reported more than 2,000 with contacts as a result of the magnetic panels.



Iams the pet food company designed frisbees with the design of barbell weights, this was part of there strong dog campaign, to accompany their promotional campaign that dogs are stronger with Iams. This is an obvious choice as dogs love frisbees.


This promotion is from Colgate tooth paste, by handing out free ice creams with wooden toothbrushes inside. They had the slogan ‘don’t forget to brush’ printed on the stick. This obviously provided a subtle reminder to brush leading people to buy Colgate toothpaste.


Alzheimers New Zealand created this portable USB drive, it has been designed in the shape of a rubber linking back to memory loss caused be Alzheimers. However having the USB drive inside where you can save memories show that there is plausible means of help to prevent memory loss.




This plastic cockroach was slipped underneath peoples doors with the quotation “See how easy it is to get into your house?” along with contact information for D.D. Drin, an American Pest Control Company.