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square mile research

1960s Ads

Ads in the 1960s where very different from today, using popping colours which grabs the viewers attention, this technique is also prominent in photographers from the time, such as William Eggleston. I find the simplicity of the images combined with a contrasting background works really well. This technique obviously works well by having the audience look directly at the item there trying to sell. I love the aged look combined with the clashing contrast. Talking the above into consideration i will try to use this in my editing technique. Ads are an excellent place to find plenty of inspiration for photography, you can also see the links between adverts and photographers and link both back to the same generation.


Gawain Barnard

Roni Horn

Horn’s images are easily relatable to my square mile as there is plenty of water and this adds a little diversity to the subjects that i can shoot. Water is an interesting subject as the results are similar however so different. These images have meaning and mood within, looking deeper into the photos can reveal the tension. Its easy to capture emotions within water imagery as water has to flow through a select course and through man made objects and natural object all causing different patterns. Roni Horn uses colours within the photos, this creates an exiting mood and a different viewing perspective. I will take Horns use of colouring and giving a different preset to try and age my photos. Some of Horns additional work show water in low light, and during the ‘golden hour’ this gives an excellent perception and colour which you rarely see.

The portfolio ‘Some Thames’ of Roni Horn completed in 2000 shows a variety of colours and even though the subjects are all familiar they are all different and this is something i admire.

Hans Severin

Severin was born in 1966, lives and works in Hannover/Germany, He started taking digital photography in Paris and London in 2006. His images are mainly black and white or have dull unsaturated colours and combines that with acute angles which is what i want to focus on for this project. Since 2010 he photographed almost exclusively in digital street photography, Severin’s imagery is made powerful by his use of angles by taking a regular scene and taking the image from a different perspective Severin has a defined art. Bleached colours make for a different perspective, this can show sadness, however the image in the top right shows a happy face made using graffiti, this gives an uneven narrative allowing the viewer some discretion.

Severin really takes into consideration the composition within a photo, by not always have the main subject in the centre of the shot adds an individual viewing experience, this is what i will take and carry into my own work for the project Square Mile.


William Eggleston

William Eggleston has an excellent perception of angles and fits some excellent content into his images making them desirable. Eggleston uses angles to make his images exciting where they would usually be common or everyday scenes, this is what i find most powerful about Eggleston’s work.

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He was renowned for his colour photography, which at the time was widely under used and considered in correct and tended not to feature in galleries of this time. However Eggleston changed the way people perceived colour photography and it soon became widely accepted. I have thoroughly researched a range of Egglestons work and found he used Kodachrome photography to make his images ‘pop’ i love how he puts it into practice and will take it into my own work. Eggleston has a certain perspective on photography and that is that everything can be photographed. This is very evident in his work, how he manages to show the simplest and most boring of objects and by using a certain angle and colour presets manages to bring the image to reality.

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