I received a paper pack from http://www.theprintspace.co.uk which included 10 paper types with printed images, this will help me to develop a decision on which paper type will best suit my final photographs.

The brief I came up with was entirely based upon reflections, I feel it is only right to show this off by utilising a reflective paper, this will make the final effect so much more powerful.  Therefore the paper I will be printing on will be Kodak Metallic, ‘Metallic’ finishes are known as ‘C Type’ print is the name used to describe professional photos. A ‘C Type’ photo is an image printed onto light sensitive paper, just like hand printing on a enlarger from film. A digital ‘C Type’ printer uses LED’s or lasers to expose the image onto the paper. So a digital ‘C Type’ is a traditional photographic print, made from a digital file rather than a negative. The better colour transfer will provide a better base to enhance the Eggleston effect that I am trying to portray.

By researching the Kodak metallic paper I have found that it is best suited to being displayed without glass in front due to the reflections of the glass. This will not become a factor in my final piece as I have chosen to display my finals using bulldog clips.



Fuji Gloss
Kodak Metallic
Fuji Matt
Fuji Flex
Epson Semi-Gloss
Harman Gloss FB















Hahnemuhle Photorag
Hahnemuhle German Etching
Harman Gloss Warmtone